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SiM - “Thank God, There are Hundreds of Ways to Kill Enemies” Review

最終更新: 2020年8月3日

Limited edition Disc 1 / Standard Edition [初回限定盤Disc1 / 通常盤] 

1.No One Knows 2.SiCK 3.Devil in Your Heart 4.HEADS UP 5.BASEBALL BAT 6.Smoke in the Sky 7.BLACK & WHiTE 8.Crying for the Moon 9.YO HO 10.CAPTAiN HOOK 11.SAND CASTLE feat. あっこゴリラ (AKKOGORILLA) 12.BULLY 13.FATHERS

Limited edition Disc 2 [初回限定盤Disc2]


After four long years, SiM has finally released their 5th full album, “Thank God, There are Hundreds of Ways to Kill Enemies”! Since 2016's "The Beautiful People", we had been treated to a host of singles (including「A / The Sound Of Breath」, which were not included on this album), but it is great to see the band come together and form an album they seem very happy with. Considering the current world situation, the timing was ultimately very unlucky. Not only was the release postponed by two months, but their DEAD POP FESTiVAL was also canceled. However, regardless of those misfortunes, they managed to secure the #2 spot on the ORICON chart! The limited edition album comes with two discs and a lengthy "album manual" written by vocalist Mah. In addition, a guitar pick is included. Through a video released on Mah's instagram, we found out that by scratching the album's cover with the pick, a hidden image can be revealed.  I realized that it gets a little messy, though. 

In terms of the actual album, overall, it is fun. It's a standard SiM album, with the typical SiM elements. It fits well with the rest of their discography and includes an assortment of reggae, ska, dub, punk, post-hardcore, electronic, hip hop, and nu metal. 「SAND CASTLE」feat AKKOGORILLA stands out as one of the most adventurous tracks, with Mah and AKKOGORILLA's rapping and electronic beats. 「BASEBALL BAT」 is a lot of fun with its straight forward lyrics and gang vocals (as well as the many guest appearances in the PV). I feel that the song「BLACK & WHITE」is one of their most inventive, incorporating an almost musical kind of sound I've never heard produced by SiM before.  For all its strong points, the album unfortunately suffers at the end. I understand that Mah and the other members have some strong feelings towards fatherhood, but the last track「FATHERS」just doesn't do it for me. The lyrics are obviously very personal, so I do not want to poke fun at them, but the music is oddly bland for a SiM track. It was a little disappointing because I greatly enjoy their other ballads, such as「Same Sky」or「Rosso & Dry」. Luckily, the limited edition version includes four of the singles released before this album, and they more than make up for this weak spot.

“Thank God, There are Hundreds of Ways to Kill Enemies” is certainly not my favorite SiM album, but it's strong incorporation of their signature reggae, ska, and dub punk elements, as well as a few experimental sounds makes it a fun listen! I highly recommend it! And who knows, fathers out there might be able to relate better to track 14 than I could! 

Thank you SiM for another great album, and I'm looking forward to seeing these tracks performed live in the future!  

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